Youth Programme

Elevating the Voices of Young People

We provide a platform to empower discussions on topics of importance to the youth of today through interactive podcasts, online events and social media posts. We delve deep into topics that resonate with young people, sparking insightful conversations that matter. The CHATEA Youth programme empowers individuals to become leaders of the future. 

Express Yourself

Creativity and Self-Expression
Platforms for Expression
Confidence and Connection

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Broadening Our Horizons

Our activities include creating short films, to documentaries and exhibitions.  

Join the Dialogue 

Participate as a guest speaker, suggest discussion topics, or volunteer with us.

Our Youth Programme Journey 

Hopes and Dreams Song and Poetry Book
A song and book addressing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to raise awareness and promote dialogue.  
in Bristol
Sharing perspectives and experiences at an event in Bristol, amplifying voices in important discussions. 
Partnership with FORWARD Youth Programme
Collaborating with an organisation working to end FGM and child marriage to strengthen advocacy efforts. 
Delivering educational workshops in Greater Manchester schools, raising awareness about FGM, equality, and human rights. 
Speakers in Conferences and Universities
Sharing insights on social issues at conferences and events, inspiring action and awareness. 
Creating a resource informing viewers about FGM's consequences and the importance of ending the practice. 
Creative Arts and FGM Initiatives
Encouraging creative expressions, including art exhibitions and performances, to engage the community and foster dialogue.