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We support women to overcome trauma related to coercive control and harmful cultural practices. We address the isolation experienced particularly by women and girls who have undergone FGM, FM, HBV and DS who need emotional wellbeing support. Our wellbeing activities and therapeutic services include trauma informed yoga, individual and group therapy sessions, reproductive health workshops and more. 



By promoting human rights and addressing issues such as Gender-Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage, Domestic Servitude and Honour Based Abuse, we impact the communities we support. Our community research initiatives and staff training services further reinforce our mission to spark global change in society. 

Aspire, Inspire

Aspire, Inspire

Our peer mentoring programme educates and trains women to advocate against harmful cultural beliefs within their communities. We support their professional development through basic cultural counselling training on FGM, cervical screening or related health issues. 

Let's Talk About Harmful Cultural Beliefs

We offer transcultural therapy in relation to FGM, HBV, FM and DS. 

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Guardian Project

Every year, about 2000 girls across Greater Manchester are affected by FGM. We work with safeguarding agencies to protect young girls up to the age of 18. Providing culturally appropriate support to over 200 girls and their families.

SOS Clinics

Our mental health assessments, sexual health therapy, and group therapy sessions are designed for women who have experienced trauma as a result of Gender-Based-Violence. The adult clinics include a combination of therapy and empowerment workshops. 


Men are an important part of the conversation in relation to cultural harmful practices, traditions and customs. Our workshops create a safe space for men to be heard, educated and advocate against harmful practices that affect women and girls.

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