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Go Screening Campaign

Promoting Cancer Awareness, Early Detection, and Healing  

Raising awareness on the danger of cervical cancer and educating on the importance of early detection through screening have become our key motive.  Our team of bilingual trained community Health Advocates provide support to women affected by FGM and sexual trauma throughout the screening process, to positively respond to the call for screening.

Go Screening Campaign hosts awareness sessions that are hosted in a safe environment, run in collaboration with health professionals. Women are encouraged to prioritise their health and overcome challenging cultural health beliefs. 

Our Wellbeing Activities

Our objective is to empower every woman to feel informed, confident, and in control of their health and wellbeing through Coffee Mornings, Group Therapy Workshops, Wellness Activities, Community Research Initiatives and Health workshops. Taster sessions are available for some of the activities.  

Who Can Access Go Screening Campaign?

Women who have experienced trauma and need support during their screening journey. 

Women who have received screening appointment invitations but feel uncertain or hesitant. 

Women seeking education on cancer screening and its significance. 

For Go Screening referrals, please complete our online referral form

For further information or advice please contact 01619756009 or 07449651677
Email: guardiansafeguard@nestac.org.uk