We have limited our services but still providing support to our clients over the phone, and using alternative ways to stay in contact with them.  We are open to professionals via emails, phone calls and other means, but not face to face.
For community members, please call our mobile number: 07862 279289 in case you need further clarifications related to the current situation, due to language barrier or if stressed out, we are using the phone currently as a crisis line.


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Our Services

Interpretation Service

Interpretation Service

EAR Project: NESTAC provides Interpreters as part of its fundraising strategy, specialised in African languages, including French and Portuguese.

Please contact us at info@nestac.org.uk for further information and costs related to the Ear Project.

Bespoke training for professionals working with the migrant population:

Cultural Awareness Training - CAT

Cultural Awareness Training - CAT

NESTAC provides in-house cultural awareness trainings to professionals working with refugee and asylum seeker families, to raise their awareness on cultural issues that often affect their clients’ responses to the different needs professionals are trying to address.

This course could be tailored to the needs of each agency and to the client group they are serving.  Courses could be delivered at your agencies.
Developing cultural competency in the work place is an additional element that we all need to promote diversity and inclusion.

Mental Health and Culture Training

Mental Health and Culture Training

This course will help professionals supporting refugee and asylum seeker families increase their knowledge on the cultural stressors affecting their clients’ mental health.

The course covers:
– Mental health issues related to culture and migration.
– Barriers to accessing and responding to existing therapies.
– Possible approaches to therapeutic interventions for refugee and asylum seeker population.


Please contact us at info@nestac.org.uk for further information on the above trainings, and for the costs related to the trainings.

Maracuja Programme

Maracuja Programme

Maracuja is a community programme aiming to help sustain NESTAC activities by raising fund through cultural art-based community projects.

The programme includes:
– A community centre available for hire by community members, accessible between 10am and 11pm.
– A community Café promoting cultural catering

Maracuja aims to achieve its fundraising and cross-cultural awareness objectives through the delivery of the following activities:

  • Healthy cultural cooking workshops
  • Drama therapy
  • Creative arts & Wellbeing workshops: culturally adapted relaxation sessions, painting and creative poetry.
  • Training projects: hospitality and catering; cultural art and design
  • Volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Music and Dance therapy

Maracuja also provides art exhibition space for community artists willing to showcase their artworks.

Venue Hire

Maracuja Community Centre – Rochdale

Great for meetings, gatherings for around 80 people across 3 floors/2 spaces.  Disabled toilets downstairs and 2 toilets upstairs, kitchen is in the basement. There are chairs, tables and projectors available.

Contact – info@nestac.org.uk ; 07862279289
Address: St. Marys Gate, Rochdale, OL16 1DZ



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