CYPO Project
Let us invest in our future generation!

Empowering young people in developing leadership and employment skills is at the heart of the CYPO project.
Our CYPO project uses holistic and flexible approaches to encourage Empowerment, Education and Participation to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged children and young people within hard to reach communities in Greater Manchester.

NESTAC Supplementary School (NSS)
NSS was established since 2011, providing support to disadvantaged children especially those from new emerging communities (refugees, asylum seekers, new EU migrants from African origins) but not exclusively.

The project strives to overcome educational and social barriers via:
– Homework Club provision, helping CYPs to achieve academically
– Art Club, promoting diversity through art activities
– Cross-cultural heritage, encouraging social cohesion
– Youth volunteering opportunities

The project also aims to ensure the emotional wellbeing of children and young people (CYP) involved via:
– Provision of culturally adapted counselling
– Art therapy



The project gives space to CYP migrants to express themselves through the use of creative art-based micro-projects, mainly around music, short films, dance, painting and poetry, to combat discrimination and promote community cohesion.

NESTAC youths have championed in campaigning against discrimination and against FGM, producing booklets, paintings, songs and lyrics…

Angeline’s Story:

19-year-old Angeline is an R&B singer, campaigner and aspiring journalist brought up in Rochdale. A Youth Music project has helped her educate and inspire other young people by opening up about her past.

‘Hopes and Dreams’, a project run by local charity NESTAC, brought together young people – including many who came to the UK as asylum seekers or refugees – to share their diverse cultural experiences through music-making and explore the issues they’ve faced in their lives.

Angeline comes from a Congolese community where female genital mutilation (FGM) was practised. With NESTAC’s support, she’s spoken out about her own experience and become a passionate advocate for gender equality and women’s rights.


FGM National School Programme

This is part of the national FGM School programme led by our partner FORWARD.

At NESTAC, we work to educate and empower all children and young people on the harmful effects of FGM.  Our national school programme, which has been successfully running for over seven years nationally, is a youth-friendly course designed to inform pupils on the effects of FGM.

NESTAC also delivers tailored FGM awareness sessions to school staff on how to deal with cases of FGM in their institutions across the North-West of England, reaching primary school, secondary school, college and university students.

The National School Programme offers the following services:

  • Bespoke and flexible sessions that can be tailored to the schools needs
  • FGM safeguarding sessions for all staff (teachers and non-teaching staff)
  • Age appropriate material and content for pupils
  • Guidance and support for pupils after sessions
  • Parents’ sessions
  • A schools program information pack – available on request

To book for training sessions, please do contact us directly by emailing