UK Research Programme

NESTAC’s Health and Wellbeing programme focuses on researching the psychological impact of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on women and young girls who have undergone the practice and on those at risk of undergoing the practice.

To date, NESTAC has contributed to the publication of three academic journals, in partnership with universities in the region (University of Salford; Manchester University):

International Journal of Mental health Nursing (Feb. 2014)  

Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology (October, 2014)      

Educating about female genital mutilation, Education for Primary Care (October, 2016)


NESTAC is currently working in contributing to more cross-cultural research related to the topics of:

– Cultural beliefs and traditions affecting African women’s mental health
– Refugee young people’s adaptation and mental health

Africa Research Programme:

NESTAC is currently working in the DR Congo in an academic research on the emotional wellbeing of young girls exposed to child prostitution and child marriage.