We have limited our services but still providing support to our clients over the phone, and using alternative ways to stay in contact with them.  We are open to professionals via emails, phone calls and other means, but not face to face.
For community members, please call our mobile number: 07862 279289 in case you need further clarifications related to the current situation, due to language barrier or if stressed out, we are using the phone currently as a crisis line.


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Health and Well-being Programme

Health and Wellbeing Program

This service is a provision of culturally adapted psycho-social therapies for refugees, asylum seekers, destitute asylum seekers and people not entitled to public fund, living in Greater Manchester.

We offer the following:


  • One to One cultural counselling
  • Art Therapy Group activities
  • Anxiety management
  • Anger management
  • Relaxation sessions
  • Women only group therapy
  • Men only group therapy

Telephone counselling and advice for clients are also available.

Whether you’re having personal problems or concerns of any type, we have tips to help you cope with some of the common issues related to your culture, beliefs, integration, education, past trauma, and many more.

We accept self-referrals and referrals from agencies
Contact us for a form at info@nestac.org.uk


NESTAC's Drop-in Service

NESTAC is committed to provide drop-in services to vulnerable and hard to reach populations since its inception, offering the following:

From main office -Rochdale (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am- 2pm)

  • Registered Work Club, supporting members of the community to search employment (Mock interviews, Universal Job Match, etc.)
  • Advice, guidance and support to refugee and asylum seeker families
  • Use of computers for job search, Internet and learning
  • Volunteering opportunities – join NESTAC volunteer Advisers

From other sites in Greater Manchester (once a month):

  • NESTAC Salford drop-in service (women only), related to the FGM service in Salford.
  • NESTAC Manchester drop-in service (women only), related to the FGM service at St Marys’ hospital and to the WAST (Women Asylum Seekers Together) community venue.
  • Charity No. 1110686
  • Phone No. 01706868993