Do you want to set up a business? 

NESTAC Business Advisers will support you through your step-by-step business setting up and in practice.  Our business specialist will guide you to fulfil the NESTAC “Business Owner, 15 essentials files”.

“We will remain on hand to support you within the first year of trading”

1: Is your project ripe enough?
– Find a simple and effective business idea
– Pass the “Nestac Crash Test” to testify the originality and the feasibility of your project
– Build your market study and identify the tastes of your future clients

2: Do you know for what business legal structure to choose?
– Sole trader, limited company or partnership, franchise, etc.
– All about taxes, business rates, Licences or permits, insurance, etc.

3. Is your project ” Bankable”?
– Build your business plan
– Encrypt the steps for your growth and anticipate your revenues and expenditures

4. How to get funding?
– List of council and government funding and loans
– How to impress your banker and to increase your own funds
– Develop your network and made know that you exist


“NESTAC Business Owner, 15 essentials files” is all about:
Self-employment, requirements and opportunities for the unemployed person, opening a business account, how to calculates your own salary, find a business name, how to sell your project (elevator pitch, pitch fire…), the balance sheet, the market study, the retro-planning, to hire your first employee, etc.


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